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Asking Great Questions

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Devops Engineers
Devops Engineers
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To get the best feedback on your technical questions, follow these guidelines when crafting your inquiries:

  • Be Specific: Clearly state your problem, provide details about your environment, and mention any error messages you’re encountering.
  • Show Your Effort: Let us know what you’ve tried already. This helps us understand where you’re stuck and prevents redundant advice.
  • Provide Code Snippets: If applicable, share relevant code or configurations. Format it using code blocks for clarity. For large blocks of text, use !snippets.
  • Context Matters: Explain the goal you’re trying to achieve, not just the issue you’re facing. This helps us suggest more appropriate solutions.
  • Search First: Before asking, try searching out the problem on Google or in the project’s documentation and issue tracker. Your question may have already been answered!
  • Respect Others’ Time: Be patient and respectful when waiting for responses. Quality assistance may take some time.
  • Engage Actively: If someone provides a solution or asks for clarification, be responsive and grateful.
  • Keep Conversations Public: Avoid sending direct messages (DMs) for support. Keeping discussions public helps others learn and benefits the entire community.

You might find folks are more willing to assist, more rapidly, if you fully read and understand

or if you prefer a less confrontational way of saying essentially the same thing: